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kim jonghyun. chocolate cake. photography. stargazing. autumn. dance. cosmic. emilia clarke. ocean. evening sky. cold morning. biases. holding hands. poems. film screening. the moon. cats. writing. kim hanbin. art & theatre. rainy days. cappuccino. 60's, 70's n 80's music. piano. museums. astrology.

any form of abuse. crowds. loud noises. negativity. self harm. racism. gender role. sexism. homophobic. transphobic. pegeons. socializing. fanwars. the heat.

I. english isn't my first language. so sorry if my grammar isn't the best and because of this i will tweet sometimes in my native language.

II. don't follow if you're anti of the groups & bands i stan or if you're anti multifandom stans.

III. if i ever tweet anything that offends you, or makes you upset, let me know.

IV. i have anxiety, so please be patient and calm with me. if at any point you'd like to break the mutual, please softblock instead of unfollowing. unfollowing makes me anxious and i end up feeling bad about myself.

김종현 — april 8th, 1990 . . . . . shinee

    i felt you touched my heart, you know? in a way that no one has ever done before. it was new to me.
    i have so much to tell you, but sometimes it seems that none of my words are enough. sometimes an act of love is worth more than any word. to be by my side. i have so much to tell you, but for now i just want to say that i love you
    three thousand times.

    for my starman...

    soloists; shin suran, park bom, jung jaewon, lee jieun, byun baekhyun, kwon boah & lee hayi
    bigbang; kwon jiyong & choi seunghyun
    blackpink; kim jisoo & kim jennie
    ikon; jung chanwoo, kim jinhwan & kim jiwon
    nct; moon taeil, lee taeyong & huang renjun
    red velvet; kim yerim
    shinee; kim kibum & lee jinki
    twice; park jihyo, myoui mina & son chaeyoung
    weki meki; jung haerim & noh hyojung

    what i like to listen to

    soloists: jake bugg, amy winehouse, david bowie, lady gaga, aurora, bob dylan, alanis morissette, adele, harry styles, cyndi lauper, ed sheeran, zayn.

    bands: twenty one pilots, imagine dragons, pink floyd, haim, nirvana, cage the elephant, greta van fleet, paramore, 4 non blondes, guns n' roses, arctic monkeys, catfish and the bottleman, dingo bells, foster the people, the 1975, cigarettes after sex, the killers, hinds, r5, the driver era.

    groups: one direction, little mix, big time rush.